Hum, Drum and Muffle.

6 May

Hum, Drum and Muffle

A long long time ago in the time when rainbows and fairies where everywhere. There lived three young noises, Hum, Drum and Muffle
They lived in a giant mushroom with three individual bedrooms. Hum`s bedroom was decorated with a wallpaper with hundreds of happy faces on it, because he was always humming a merry tune.

Two more Bedrooms

And now for the other bedrooms.
Drum`s bedroom walls was coated in sound proof material made of rubber because he was always banging on his drum and kept his two friends awake at night.

Muffle`s bedroom had hundreds of blankets all over the place so that she could silence any noise she did not like.

The Argument.

One day an argument broke out between Hum and Drum. Hum complaining that Drum was making too much noise, and Drum complaining that Hum was trying to spoil his fun.
They raged so loudly that in the end Muffle came along and threw blankets all over both to keep them quiet.

This is how the following came verse came about :-

“If there`s a noise about
And you hear someone shout,
There could be a scuffle
So it`s time to Muffle “.

Maurice G


The Celtic people in Britain.

5 May

The Celtic people in Britain.

Celtic warriors

Before the Romans came to the British isles between 100 and 500 bc, Celtic people came to Britain in small groups, not as an invasion but in individual tribes. In fact the fighting that they had was between themselves and the thought of an invasion was basically impossible. They were scattered all over the land when there was no England, Scotland and Wales.

Bringing the use of iron to Britain they had no central government and were warriors who were more interested in fighting amongst themselves and other Celts, their main aim in life was to fight and plunder each other to be top dog. 

Because iron was easily found this started trading and made the individual tribes more self contained.

Hill Forts

remains of Celtic fort in Britain

The Celtic hill fort was very basic, just a matter of ditches and banks built into a circle. Their size was usually very small and in some cases were only big enough for a family to defend themselves. Over time though they did start getting bigger to house a whole tribe.
Usually these forts contained no water so were not used as long term enforcements.

Celtic peoples families were basically an extended family called a clan, one or two clans would join together forming a tribe. These tribes had their own social structure and it is possible that each tribe had their own god. 

Housing and Farming

Copy of a Celtic hut

The Celts lived in huts made of arched wood with thatched roofs and walls of made of wicker. Many tribes had their own coinage.

The Celtic people brought the use of an iron plough to Britain, so this is something that the Romans did not bring although they did bring a lot. The fields of the Celts tendered to be of long narrow strips of land, Evidence of this can still be found in various locations in Britain now. 

These people also had their own written language and this was evident well into Christian times, Handed down by bards and druids.



Iv`e heard a lot of nonsense about druids, they were of a type of upper class Celt who in a lot of circumstances had more power than the king. They were priests, teachers, political go betweens and healers. Because of their knowledge they helped to cement the peoples together.

The Celts loved war, if there was nothing going on then they would start one. Sometimes they were naked and very often would paint themselves in bright colours. Screaming wild men was the norm to scare their enemies. Sometimes they would wear gold breastplates and shields, this would give them some pride.
Chariots were in use also, drawn by two horses they would spear their foe before dismantling, then they would fight with heavy slashing swords.
After the battle they would behead their enemy, this gave them respect among other Celts, Some had quite a collection of skulls.

The main problem with the Celts was that they could not put up a united front as they were always fighting between themselves, this is why the Romans conquered with relative ease.

Queen Boudicca

Statue of Queen Boudicca

It was not just the men who were warriors, the women also fought. One of the famous one`s was Queen Boudicca. She actually put up the greatest fight against the Romans and was one person who was able to unite the Celts as as a fighting force until eventually she got beaten. This of of course is another story to be told at a later time.

All in all the the Celts brought a lot of innovations to Britain but eventually they were pushed into the countries we know now as Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Maurice G

The Leek – Emblem of Wales

5 May

The Leek – Emblem of Wales

The welsh dragon

Hello, as I was born in Wales and very proud of the fact, I thought I would get some information down on paper. First of all I would like mention that the words ” Cymru am byth ” as you see in my first picture, when translated into English means ” Wales for Ever “

The leek is proudly shown on St David`s along with the daffodil. You might think why would anybody want to pin a smelly onion to their jackets. Well for one thing it is only for one day in the year and the welsh are very proud of the fact. A lot of what you might hear about this leek is made up stories and myths. But the history of this emblem can be traced back for about 700 years.

Tudor Kings and Before

3 welsh emblems together

If you look up historical records during the Tudor period you will find that there were payments made by the household guards for wearing the leek. Earlier than this it is known that the welsh archers wore green and white colours, the same colours as the leek. 

Earlier still it is said that St David, the patron saint of Wales, ordered his soldiers to wear the leek on their helmets when fighting the Saxons. The battle taking place in a field of leeks. There maybe some truth in this somewhere.

Daffodils and more.

 A  daffodil

Now why the daffodil is an emblem of Wales no one is too sure. But I myself think it could one of two reasons possibly. First of all daffodils seem to come into bloom on or about St. David`s day, the 1st of march, this seems to fit in nicely. Secondly the welsh word ” cenhinen ” translated into English means leek, and the welsh word ” cenhinen pedr ” translated into English means daffodil. No doubt that somewhere along the line the welsh have got confused and the leek is the emblem of Wales and the daffodil the flower of Wales.


So there you are, a brief outline to what might have occurred. We have five main items associated with Wales, The leek, The welsh dragon, The daffodil, The harp and not forgetting good old welsh lamb !! 
And please remember the welsh are the true Britons, there before the Romans,Saxons and Normans.

Maurice G

Welsh Anthem


Shifting sands

27 Apr

Shifting Sands

sand dunes

The sands were shifting all around
Not a whisper not a sound,
Going forward to the sea
Wanting fishes for my tea.

The tide was turning to come in
My face was smiling with a grin,
The sea was bringing fish to me
And the danger I did not see.

As I walked on and on
The sands behind me had now gone,
I was stranded on a bank
And my thoughts had now gone blank.



Now I needed help for sure
As I dropped my fishes lure,
I looked around for some help
All I found was dark green kelp.

Then a boat I did spy
Must have been my lonely cry,
It took me to a safer beach
Were the harm was out of reach.

Coastal learning is a must
Speak to someone you can trust,
Always eye the shifting sand
Before you leave the mother land.

Maurice G

Writing Your Poems

26 Apr

Writing Your Poems

Quill for writing

To start writing poems,
Right from the start,
Always begin,
With thoughts from the heart, 
With modern day thinking,
You don`t need a rhyme,
To me it`s people,
Who have not the time,
Poems are methods,
Of speaking your mind, 
On any subject,
Of any kind,
If you are the writer,
Just do your own thing,
If it comes so natural,
much joy will it bring,
Don`t listen to others,
When writing it down.
Some will like it,
And others will frown

When Writing a Poem

William Shakespeare

When writing a poem,
Remember it`s true,
Your writing for pleasure,
And for the few,
If you like writing,
You do it for you,
Don`t think about others,
Who haven`t a clue,
And riches are seldom,
For writing your work,
Writing is natural,
No reason to shirk,
Poets are many,
That includes me,
The ones that are happy,
Are the ones that are free,
Now get your pen out,
Start writing today,
I`ll look for your verses,
And what you might say.

Maurice G

Kintyre Lighthouse

26 Apr

Kintyre Lighthouse

hill to lighthouse

I walked about the kintyre hills,
Seeing all of natures thrills,
Kintyre lighthouse I could see,
Below the cliffs in front of me,
Seagulls flew above my head,
Squawking with my every tread,
And the sea was very grey,
On this a windy day.

I Trundled On

Mull of Kintyre lighthouse

The hills I walked were full of mist,
And countless creatures I could list,
My feet were wet and very cold,
As I trundled on most bold,
Kintyre lighthouse was my aim,
All alone and not so tame,
It stood white against the sky,
And below, rocks did lie.

I Arrived

pointing rock
I arrived and met the crew,

Giving me a hot wet brew.
The keeper was a hardy man,
Loads of hair and lots of tan,
I took some pictures of the scene,
To remember what I`d seen,
Oh! the waves did bash and roar,
But I liked it all the more

Maurice G

Life not Money

25 Apr

Life not Money.

gold bar

Many people dream of gold,
But they can`t be told,
That dreaming is not real,
And the the cash they will not feel,
Making money has to be,
Working hard for you and me.

Lotto Winnings

Tree of Life

Lotto winnings are so rare,
Most unlikely to be fair,
Life is hard and very tough,
Live it, and do not bluff,
Money is not everything,
There are many things to do,
Monies for the chosen few.

Be Grateful

Free Nature

Be grateful for what you got,
If it`s plenty or not a lot,
I myself enjoy the time,
Of nature, children and some wine,
Many pleasures can be free,
Forget the money, let it be !

Maurice G

It`s the Thought That Counts

23 Apr

It`s the Thought That Counts

flowers of thought
Smiling as I walk to town,

Not a grimace, not a frown,
Happy `cos I like to shop,
So I also skip and hop.
Buying presents is good fun,
Won`t be broke when day is done,
Daughters birthday now is here,
All the laughter, all the tears.

Always Wants

Birthday wish

Always wants the dearest present,
No cares for what is spent,
I am happy though you see,
Getting gift that is free.
She will learn is my thought,
Not the cost of what is bought.
So the motto to this verse,
Hold tightly to your purse,
Always buy the cheapest thing,
It`s the thought that counts
to what you bring.

Maurice G

The Lonely Daffodil

23 Apr


The Lonely Daffodil

I stood upon the hill at night

Waiting for the morning light,
Alone I stood without a will
The lonely daffodil.

My friend the tulip stood there too
We felt real down and very blue,
We`re getting married one day soon
Needing to rid our daily gloom.

We`ll marry upon our lovers hill
Where nature is so still,
This feeling makes us strong
And wil make our love last long.

Forget the stories of a silly plant
This one has a different slant,
Our marriage will live for ever
Living life amoungst the heather.

Soon the world will look to us
To find a guide without a fuss,
So come on plants and have some hope
The future says that you can cope !

Maurice G


Pitter Patter

23 Apr

Pitter Patter

wooden floor

Pitter patter every night,
Seems to happen with no light,
Pitter patter from the floor,
Getting louder more and more,
Pitter patter need to see,
This is now annoying me.


Pitter patter raised the floor,
Need to look, what a chore,

Pitter patter used a lamp,
Found a mouse in the damp,
Pitter patter found the sound,
On a pipe in the ground.

Quiet bedroom

Pitter patter all night long,

Using pipe to go along,
Pitter patter need some peace,
Covered pipe all in fleece,
Pitter patter sound has gone,
Now at last my job is done.

Maurice G